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2024 Finalists:

Affinity Water and Browne - Below Ground Asset Trunk Main Delivery Partnership  

Anglian Water, Morrison Water Services, Hydrosave and Water Research Centre - Accelerating the Enhanced Pressure Monitoring Programme 

Avove and iNPIPE PRODUCTS - Pioneering partnership brings groundbreaking smart air pigging solutions to the industry

Murphy and Thames Water - Lot 5 Woodford 50 

Network Plus Envolve -  An Intelligent Partnership for Bristol Water 

Southern Water - From Zero to Hero: Lukely Brook Stage Zero restoration project 

Southern Water and the Department for Education - SuDS in Schools  

United Utilities, Environment Agency and Greater Manchester Combined Authority - Greater Manchester Trilateral Partnership and Integrated Water Management Plan 


Anglian Water and Ovarro - PumpInsight 

Alpheus Environmental - Alternative management approach  

Scottish Water and Caledonia Water Alliance (Morrison Water Services and AECOM Joint Venture) - Asset Management integration process 

Severn Trent Water and the Met Office - Climate Resilient Water Networks 

Southern Water - Optimising existing infrastructure to reduce storm overflows 

Uisce Eireann - Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Dundalk WwTW 

Yorkshire Water and Samotics - Electrical Signature Analytics 

Xylem and Scottish Water - Blairlinnans SoundPrint Acoustic Fibre Optic System  


Adler and Allan 

APEM Group 


Galliford Try 

Lanes Group 

RSE (Ross-shire Engineering) 


Anglian Water - Project Connect 

Barhale and Thames Water - Sewer Flooding Resilience Initiative 

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water - Inspiring Water Resilient Communities Project 

Severn Trent Water - Green Recovery Protecting Customer Supply Pipes 

Southern Water - Virtual Inspector - Remote Triage 

South East Water - AquAlerter 

Thames Water and Browne - Raising the Bar of Customer Engagement 

Yorkshire Water & BMA - Whole Systems Adaptive Planning: Going Beyond Traditional Asset Investment Planning with AI-assisted Network Design and Resilience 

Fyld and CLC Utility Services - Digitalisation of Field Operations 

Integrated Maintenance and Repair Water Recycling Alliance for Anglian Water - Risk Tool and RISC 

MWH Treatment - Hampton Advanced Water Treatment Works Stoney Sluice Gates Digitalised Delivery 

Scottish Water & Capgemini - Non-Complex Service Delivery  

South West Water and AiDash - BNGAI 

Stantec - Reality Insight 

Yorkshire Water with Morrison Water Services and Hydraulic Analysis Group - VariSim Delta 


Integrated Maintenance and Repair Water Recycling Alliance for Anglian Water - Women in Construction and Alliancing Community 

Kier Group & Kier Natural Resources, Nuclear & Networks - Making Ground 

Morrison Water Services - Menopause for Men Initiative 

Northumbrian Water Group - Together for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 

Stantec - Better Together: Fostering Inclusivity and Community at Stantec 

AtkinsRealis - Sizewell C Seawater Desalination Plant  

Kier Natural Resources, Nuclear & Networks, Stantec and Yorkshire Water - Sladen Water Treatment Works - Magnetic Ion Exchange plant 

Team UAV - Confined Space Drone Surveys at Pumping Stations  

Thames Water and MWH Treatment - Hampton Water Treatment Works Contact Tank Penstock Replacement and Water Ingress Protection 

Uisce Éireann/Irish Water - THRIVE - Integrated Operations Management 

Water Production Team, Wessex Water - Ivyfields Pesticide Avoidance

Anglian Water - Sustainable Energy Reduction Programme 

GallifordTry - Wilmington Q WFD Phosphorous Removal  

Rioned - eFlow One - Electric Drain and Sewer Jetting Machine 

Royal HaskoningDHV with Anglian Water - Helea  

SUEZ and Bristol Water - Water Supply Optimisation 



Buro Happold 


WGM Engineering 


Affinity Water - No Dig 

Avove and iNPIPE PRODUCTS - Pioneering partnership brings groundbreaking smart air pigging solutions to the industry

GHD - Automation Studio 

Northumbrian Water - The Green Machine - Microalgal treatment of sludge liquor 

Mott MacDonald, Anglian Water and EarthSystemData - Water Resources Forecaster 

Southern Water - Sealing private laterals to reduce groundwater infiltration  

United Utilities - Use of Vertical Aerated Reeds Beds to treat storm sewage discharges 

VorTech Water Solutions and Isle Utilities - Vortex Power Aerator  


Anglian Water - 'Get Trucking Fit' 

Barhale - Use of Human Form Recognition & Digital Thumbs Up Technology to Reduce People Plant Interface Risk 

J. Murphy & Sons - Murphy Visual Standards 

Mott MacDonald Bentley - Llyn Celyn valves and pipe team 

Safety Shield Global and Anglian Water - Safety Shield Ai Collision Avoidance System 

Scottish Water and UDLive - Remote monitoring of the Daer Reservoir 

Team UAV - Confined Space Drone Surveys at Pumping Stations  

Asterra, Suez and Anglian Water - Mapping Leakage 

Datatecnics - Leak Response: An AI-powered assistant for leakage teams 

GWF - Blending fundamentals and data science to accelerate water leakage reduction

Northumbrian Water - No Dig 

Yorkshire Water with Morrison Water Services and Hydraulic Analysis Group - VariSim Delta 

United Utilities, Advance plus (MWH Treatment/J Murphy & Sons) & Stantec - Southwaite WwTW Integrated Constructed Wetland 

Southern Water - From Zero to Hero: Lukely Brook Stage Zero restoration project 

Stantec - Driving Sustainable Change through Nature-based Solutions 

Scottish Water - Growing Natural Capital and Biodiversity 

United Utilities and The Rivers Trust - Wyre NFM 

Portsmouth Water - Havant Thicket Reservoir 

Mott MacDonald and Thames Water - Climate-resilient BNG: Strategic BNG planning for a sustainable future

AtkinsRéalis, Affinity Water and AiDash - Remote Sensing and Natural Capital Accounting 

Anglian Water - Triple Carbon Reduction 

AtkinsRéalis - The English National Strategy for Bioresources Management 

BMA - Whole Systems Adaptive Planning: Supporting the Transition to Net Zero 

Isle Utilities - The Climate Change Trial Reservoir 

Royal HaskoningDHV - Helping achieve net zero through improved digester performance 

Scottish Water and WGMB - Net Zero - the Art of the Possible 

Scottish Water - Reducing Emissions from Construction 

Stantec - Driving Sustainable Change through Nature-based Solutions 


Anglian Water - Smart Catchment Control 

APEM Group

Entrade and Arup - Somerset Catchment Market 

Barhale and Thames Water - Sewer Flooding Resilience Initiative 

Fyld & Southern Water - Streamlining Pollution Reporting with AI 

Thames Water and Sand Technologies - Discharge Alert Manager 

Wessex Water - SMART Waste Systems 

Xylem and Anglian Water - Section 82 smart sonde solution for continuous river health and water quality monitoring


Chloe Bridges, WSP UK 

Adam Cullen, Aqua Consultants 

Tom Garnett, Kier Natural Resources, Nuclear & Networks 

Meg Ginsberg, South West Water 

Sophie Murray, Mott MacDonald Bentley 

Valery Shchukin, MWH Treatment 

Patrick Smith, WSP UK  

Callum Williams, Arcadis 

Arqiva and Anglian Water - Smart Water Network Programme 

Yorkshire Water with Morrison Water Services and Hydraulic Analysis Group - Smart Water Networks - VariSim Delta 

South West Water - Hydrant Insert flow meter 

Thames Water and Sand Technologies - A.I Driven Notifications 

Wessex Water - SMART Waste Systems 

Yorkshire Water, Technolog & Utilitec - Customer Sewer Alarms 

Yorkshire Water and Stantec - Smart Wastewater Networks 

Anglian Water - Project Firefly 

Detectronic part of the Adler and Allan Group - Providing end-to-end smart network monitoring for South West Water 

Northumbrian Water  - The Organics Ammonia Recovery project 

Scottish Water Horizons - Innovative Hydro Turbine at Hamilton Waste Water Treatment Works 

Southern Water, Stantec and Natural Wastewater Systems - Lavant Wastewater Treatment Works Aerated Wetland Rushbed 

South West Water and BMA - Digitally enabling PR24 Bioresources Strategy 

United Utilities - Calthwaite Beck Catchment Nutrient Balancing 

Wessex Water - SMART Waste Systems 

Affinity Water - Water Neutrality at NAV sites 

Cambridge Water and Skewb - Can for the Cam behavioural change campaign 

H2oiQ - Water Stewardship & Water Savings Projects 

Northumbrian Water - Home visits - a tailored approach 

Northumbrian Water  - NRV2 Lo Flo Regulator project 

Salinity Solutions and GrowUp Farms - Testing the impact of a new batch RO technology on vertical farming as a step towards Zero Liquid Discharge 

Water Plus - Tapping into the power in water efficiency to reduce running costs at sites and cut carbon emissions 

Welsh Water - Using behavioural science to reduce long-term water consumption in Welsh Households 

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