Aquabox is a volunteer-run disaster relief charity which manufactures robust hand-pumped water filters and send them to disaster areas and conflict zones around the world so that people living in extreme deprivation can at least have access to clean, safe drinking water. The Aquabox filter uses ultrafiltration technology to remove the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases like cholera, typhoid and polio – and one filter can process up to half a million litres of water. Come and see the filter in action, and find out more about Aquabox and its work. Registered charity no 1098409.

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British Water provides leadership, support and best practice and addresses the challenges faced by the UK water sector through its UKTechnical and International forums, and its neutral Water Industry Forum

What we do

We represent the interests of UK water and wastewater supply chain companies together with wider stakeholders across the sector, through our UK, Technical and International  forums, connecting them to contacts to raise their profile, grow their business and promote  best practice. Our Water Industry Forum provides challenge-led, independent thought leadership, to tackle the challenges facing the sector.

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Future Water is a not-for-profit organisation, with over thirty years in the sector supporting members, engaging with Government and being a critical friend to the regulators. Our aim is to shape the future of water.

Informing, Innovating, Influencing

Future Water is your voice in the water sector, your partner informing you about all the business opportunities, supporting innovation through water dragons and inspiring new ways of collaboration among companies and across the industry. We prides ourselves on being a modern, innovative organisation, that is ambitious, forward looking and leading in creative thinking.

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UKWIR has been positively shaping the UK water industry's future for over 30 years.

UKWIR facilitate, manage & deliver a strategic programme of research projects for our members, the Water Companies of the UK and Ireland, to address the key challenges they face.

It invests around £4 million in independent research each year–from eliminating water poverty to planning for climate change to reducing leakage–all designed to help tackle the short, medium, and long-term challenges faced by the water sector.

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Waterwise is the leading independent voice in the UK for using water wisely, for the benefit of people and the planet. Our vision is that water is used wisely every day, everywhere, by everyone. We are the UK’s conscience on water efficiency, on behalf of people and the planet, and are experts in water efficiency policy, regulation, research, behaviour, and campaigns. Waterwise is a people-led organisation which prioritises the wellbeing of its staff. 

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A utilities sector where women join, stay and thrive

WUN was started to give women the skills and confidence they need to build lasting, fulfilling careers in the utility sector. 

Founded by a group of women who have themselves built successful careers in both enregy and wate, WUN seeks to help other women to build the right networks, get the right training and take control of their own work lives at whichever stage of their career they are at. 

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